Thursday, 29 April 2010

Bow ties, squeaks & some cute

These are just a few things that have caught my eye over the last week or so. There's such a choice when it comes to things to buy for your beloved furry friends, for them to play with/eat/scratch/squeak, or for you to dress them in/bath them with/spray on them.

This lovely pastel handmade cat toy by Eidelweiss is sure to keep your feline friend occupied.

Check out these little chaps. A more portable version of your favourite furry friend.
This little mousy from Thingers & Fumbs is super cute & even has a little nappy on!

I like the little face on this little Hotdog & Me chap.

I wish my cat would wear a little bow tie like this.

Too cute.
Very smart.
Possibly my favourite, Chloe Bow will even make the tie longer, free of charge, if you like.

I've also noticed a doggy dedicated blog, by Forever Foxed. Who makes cards, badges and lots more, inspired by everyones best friend :)

My favourite item is this Terrier tea towel.

It's really not like me at all to be topical... but I noted Pets at Home were doing these. Something for your dog to chew on maybe.

Gordon Clown

Camberbike Dave

I love this Leopard print personalized ID tag I may even get one for Lulu
Not impressed...

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Things Cats Dream of.

Well I would if I were a cat.

Found here.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Furry Friends Friday (sort of)

It's Saturday, oops... sorry about that.

There was no doubt about which cheeky little chap we wanted for our first Furry Friends Friday.

The lovey Helen of Storeyshop (she makes the most amazing peronalized hand cut cards, don't you know) owns this rather cheeky fella of a chinchilla, Seb. He's no ordinary chinchilla however, he's 18, maybe 19, legally allowed to drink little chinchilla pints.

He joined Helen in 1991 & has lived with her in 2 houses in Sussex, a house in Bath & now with her & the new hubby in Northumberland. He accompanied her all the way through Uni... let's face it, it was probably a miracle he didn't get stood on or drunk, maybe he even joined them with beans on toast. I'd like to think he did.

Every good chinchilla knows, to be part of the family,
sitting at the table at dinner time is a must

Like any furry little critter he likes to chew through things, ruin new things and demands food with cute little gestures. How can you say no to this little face?

Not being allowed at the table means showing how
disgruntled he is by dropping juice from an orange on
the floor. Obviously.

We may ask if he'd do us the honour of sporting a little bow tie or waist coat - just for us. I feel he's a rather mature & demure character & possibly wouldn't humour us. So we'll let him off. Although personally I think I'd quite like to see him in a little bow tie.

Oh & a big congratulations to Seb's mum & dad who got married a week ago today :)

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Gourmet Treats

As if our cats and doggies aren't spoilt enough, but both Abbie and I have been toying with the idea of making and sampling our own handmade pet treats. My cat is a bit of a fussy one, but I think as long as they included cheese and have a lickable character he might just like them.

I found this great pet treat shop on Etsy called Poocheze, which sells some fabulously gourmet looking dog and cat treats for the truly spoilt pet. Unfortunately we can't order from Poocheze since we're in the UK, but they definitely have raised the bar when it comes to trying our first recipe.

And here is a feline taking advantage of those freshly made treats.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Hello Monday Again!

This time Monday's post is my by me, Laura from SheDraws.

My good friend Abbi did all the good introducing so this leaves me to give you an idea how I came about all this furry friend chat.

My experience of pets is a couple of Hamsters, a pair of Gerbils, some Goldfish, an old dear of a Cat with no tail and this little monkey who adopted us (I mean the cat below, not an actual Monkey).
He literally did adopt us, once resided in a neighbours house but decided to part after a Collie joined the family. He stayed down at the bottom of our garden for a while until my sister and I got our filthy hands onto him and persuaded him into the house.

He is now technically ours and sleeps for most of the day on my sister's bed as pictured here.

He's not very photogenic despite being the sleek and slender one of the Cul De Sac.

I've realized that my love for cats is a strong on and so here are some of the lovely cat things i'd love to buy.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Hello Monday

So here we are, our first Monday blog post. I'll start by introducing my two little furrys, I guess no doubt Laura will do the same with her little chap.

Pickles cat

Age: 1 - just

* catching bees
* putting muddy paws on the clean bed
* licking the dog clean

* to think she can hunt (but can't)

* mega love in the morning
* ignoring the fact she knows her name
* sleeping next to the surround sound system when it's on
* the dog's bed
* my bed
* not using her bed

* her mousy pull along toy

* being in the bathroom when I'm in the bath

* being more superior than the dog

* being taller than the dog
* to sniff, cannot resist

* jumping in my car boot
* sitting in boxes/handbags/plastic bags

* being cute
* snuggling next to the dog
* wrestling the dog

* jumping out from behind doors at unsuspecting dog

Snuggle factor: 4/5 - sooooo furry! Loves nothing more than a snuzzle, sometimes it's almost overwhelming. But only when she wants it.

Lulu dog

Age: 3


*lots of food
*being small enough to carry
*walkies - but not often, she's not one for exercise
* getting on the bed just because the cat does
* love
* being under her blankets
* a comfy bum cushion (sit on the floor - no way)

* washes from the cat

* wrestling with the cat

* snuggles with the cat

* snuggles, generally
* whiskas cat treats
* bouncing for food/love/to go outside/the sake of it
* having an attitude

* getting tickles in the street

* apple cores left in the park

* being a bit tubby
* being un trainable

* waiting by the chopping board for dropsies

* doing noisy yawns

* snoring loudly

Snuggle factor: 4/5 also - always wants love, alllll the time, can sometimes be a bit stinky too.

They have a beautiful love/hate - but mostly love relationship.

I'm thinking of doing a doggy recipe pretty soon, it would have to be dog, as the cat's pretty picky. So what do you think I should make? Cupcakes or iced biccys are probably top of my list at the minute.

I'll leave you with a few cute pics I saw on Cute Overload today.

I couldn't resist these guys either, so cute. I actually laughed for ages at this. Wish I had a dog's hair I could sculpt!

And this handsome fellow, just because I couldn't resist. The serious look on his face just kills me. Phew.

And this one, why not. I love kittens little round tummies. I need more cats & dogs. Almost a cat & dog army... that would be amazing.

Saturday, 10 April 2010


Hello from Laura & I.

Let me introduce ourselves, we’re two ladies that own online gift shops, (you can see them here & here) who came together in a mutual love of cat friends. if you were (un) lucky enough to have caught one of our twitter conversations before, they’re always along the lines of…

Cat is in the sink/handbag/my dad’s seat.

Cat & pint sized dog are snuggled in the same bed/fighting for the warm sofa spot/standing on me.

Cat o phones. (A special feline communication device. It works by the tilting or the head one way to make a call & flicking an ear to select a contact, tilting the head the other way would, obviously, end the call. An ear twizzle would open a text message. No plans for the cat o phone to have a text messaging feature, cats don’t need, or know how to text, don’t be stupid. You could check if they’re staying out all night or need some milk warming, just remember to top their phone up. Watch out for us on Dragon’s Den… seriously, it can happen!!)

Becoming famous pet bloggers, giving up the designing & jetting round the world reviewing pet products, being invited to all the shows. Probably having a bone shaped bright pink private jet or something… maybe that would be weird.

Our love of dressing animals as babies in our youth.

So yes, with the need to justify ourselves/google ferrets in trousers guilt free/discuss pressing cat news, we decided to start this here blog. You’ll find what’s new in the pet world, what’s cute, what’s just plain weird. It also gives an excuse to try pet recipies too. (I’ll have to get a little bone shaped cookie cutter) With a slightly chubby dog, I may have to find unsuspecting pooches to feed up. We’ll be reviewing products, featuring your pets & also pets that need homes. There’ll be plenty of cat & dog tales from me & lots of cats in sombreros from Laura.

I’ll be blogging on Mondays, Laura on Wednesdays & on a Friday you get to show us your pets!! Just email us pics of your cute furries & we’ll feature them on a Friday.

Enjoy your weekend & we'll be seeing you on Monday