Thursday, 20 May 2010


We've been a bit lazy. But we're still here. We promise.

Take a look at this site though that Laura found :)

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Meet Phoebe

This is Phoebe the minature daschund. She belongs to my mum & dad, well my mum. They went to pick her up yesterday. She's 8 & a bit weeks old, she kept them awake all last night, with her crying, as she was taken away from Rusty & Ruby, her mum & dad, see below & her brothers & sisters, that are now all sold! They came to visit today & little LuLu was rather over excited to see her. Little Phoebe is really unsure of everything at the moment & has been drinking puppy milk, but nothing solid, as of yet, so hopefully she'll eat something tonight, or she may have to go to the vets for a little boost of vitamins. Bless her. Lets hope she settles a bit better tonight than last night.

With Rusty, the dad, Ruby, the mum & her little brother :)

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Furry Friends Saturday

Saturday again... err sorry about that!

Today we're introducing the handsome Sid, who only has 3 legs, aww! He belongs to Rebecca (who actually makes lovely jewellery, so go check out her shop)

I love in these photos he looks very uninterested in the first & having a bit snuggle in the second... having love when he wants it... in true cat style! I really like pets with human names, it's so cute.

This little fellow is Kibbles, Rebecca's mum's little daschund. I'm in love :)

Have a good bank holiday weekend. What are you & your furry friends up to?