Monday, 19 April 2010

Hello Monday Again!

This time Monday's post is my by me, Laura from SheDraws.

My good friend Abbi did all the good introducing so this leaves me to give you an idea how I came about all this furry friend chat.

My experience of pets is a couple of Hamsters, a pair of Gerbils, some Goldfish, an old dear of a Cat with no tail and this little monkey who adopted us (I mean the cat below, not an actual Monkey).
He literally did adopt us, once resided in a neighbours house but decided to part after a Collie joined the family. He stayed down at the bottom of our garden for a while until my sister and I got our filthy hands onto him and persuaded him into the house.

He is now technically ours and sleeps for most of the day on my sister's bed as pictured here.

He's not very photogenic despite being the sleek and slender one of the Cul De Sac.

I've realized that my love for cats is a strong on and so here are some of the lovely cat things i'd love to buy.


odd.sox said...

Your no-tailed black cat looks super-happy! My first cat (Marmite) was black & had to have his tail chopped off when it didn't work any more - we think it may have got run over. And my sister had a cat (Minky) that adopted her who also had to have his tail off after a fox attack. Do you think we jinx them! My current cat has a full length tail and I've had him for 9 yrs now - let's hope it doesn't run in 3's. :)