Thursday, 29 April 2010

Bow ties, squeaks & some cute

These are just a few things that have caught my eye over the last week or so. There's such a choice when it comes to things to buy for your beloved furry friends, for them to play with/eat/scratch/squeak, or for you to dress them in/bath them with/spray on them.

This lovely pastel handmade cat toy by Eidelweiss is sure to keep your feline friend occupied.

Check out these little chaps. A more portable version of your favourite furry friend.
This little mousy from Thingers & Fumbs is super cute & even has a little nappy on!

I like the little face on this little Hotdog & Me chap.

I wish my cat would wear a little bow tie like this.

Too cute.
Very smart.
Possibly my favourite, Chloe Bow will even make the tie longer, free of charge, if you like.

I've also noticed a doggy dedicated blog, by Forever Foxed. Who makes cards, badges and lots more, inspired by everyones best friend :)

My favourite item is this Terrier tea towel.

It's really not like me at all to be topical... but I noted Pets at Home were doing these. Something for your dog to chew on maybe.

Gordon Clown

Camberbike Dave

I love this Leopard print personalized ID tag I may even get one for Lulu
Not impressed...


odd.sox said...

Marvellous - wish my cat would let me dress him up! I saw this one recently that made me giggle!/photo.php?pid=60982&id=109232042450724

gina said...

A great post, love all the cat and dog models.

My fav has to be the teatowl print I think

edwina.simone said...

odd.sox - That pic is so weird! The dog looks very serious in it's dress, I love it!

gina - Glad you like it :)

Forever Foxed said...

Ooo, thank you for featuring my terrier tea towel amongst all the other lovely stuff :)

I just LOVE those ties and bowties!

J x