Saturday, 24 April 2010

Furry Friends Friday (sort of)

It's Saturday, oops... sorry about that.

There was no doubt about which cheeky little chap we wanted for our first Furry Friends Friday.

The lovey Helen of Storeyshop (she makes the most amazing peronalized hand cut cards, don't you know) owns this rather cheeky fella of a chinchilla, Seb. He's no ordinary chinchilla however, he's 18, maybe 19, legally allowed to drink little chinchilla pints.

He joined Helen in 1991 & has lived with her in 2 houses in Sussex, a house in Bath & now with her & the new hubby in Northumberland. He accompanied her all the way through Uni... let's face it, it was probably a miracle he didn't get stood on or drunk, maybe he even joined them with beans on toast. I'd like to think he did.

Every good chinchilla knows, to be part of the family,
sitting at the table at dinner time is a must

Like any furry little critter he likes to chew through things, ruin new things and demands food with cute little gestures. How can you say no to this little face?

Not being allowed at the table means showing how
disgruntled he is by dropping juice from an orange on
the floor. Obviously.

We may ask if he'd do us the honour of sporting a little bow tie or waist coat - just for us. I feel he's a rather mature & demure character & possibly wouldn't humour us. So we'll let him off. Although personally I think I'd quite like to see him in a little bow tie.

Oh & a big congratulations to Seb's mum & dad who got married a week ago today :)


odd.sox said...

What a lovely little fellow he is. I want one! I don't think Tog would get on with it though (he's my cat & doesn't like sharing attention!)

SimJaTa said...

Oooh, how lovely to see Seb out and about, I look after chinchilla's when my neighbours are away they live in a cage:( I hate that. What a grand age too, brill choice to share with us.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~

NOfkantsCurios said...

So soft!!! I wouldn't be able to put him down!!

In you previous blogs, Pickles looks very similar to my cat Casper who passed away a few years ago. Such a funny fun, loveing, attention seeking cat she was! And such a wonderful sneak theif, you turned your back for a second and she was off with something she should not have!

Natalie x

Storeyshop said...

Seb Chinchillason!! Yay. He's so proud to be your first 'Furry Friend Friday (Sort Of)'. He's been feeling a little left out lately, what with all the wedding business, so is pleased as punch. So funny that you referred to us as his parents too. I always tell Dave, Seb's his son haha x

edwina.simone said...

Glad you liked it my dear :)