Thursday, 22 April 2010

Gourmet Treats

As if our cats and doggies aren't spoilt enough, but both Abbie and I have been toying with the idea of making and sampling our own handmade pet treats. My cat is a bit of a fussy one, but I think as long as they included cheese and have a lickable character he might just like them.

I found this great pet treat shop on Etsy called Poocheze, which sells some fabulously gourmet looking dog and cat treats for the truly spoilt pet. Unfortunately we can't order from Poocheze since we're in the UK, but they definitely have raised the bar when it comes to trying our first recipe.

And here is a feline taking advantage of those freshly made treats.


She Draws said...


odd.sox said...

One two three... GO!

edwina.simone said...

gobble gobble gobble.... 2 seconds flat

Adien Crafts said...

I make some lovely liver treats which don't last long, (for the dogs, not me!) Love these photo's :-)