Monday, 12 April 2010

Hello Monday

So here we are, our first Monday blog post. I'll start by introducing my two little furrys, I guess no doubt Laura will do the same with her little chap.

Pickles cat

Age: 1 - just

* catching bees
* putting muddy paws on the clean bed
* licking the dog clean

* to think she can hunt (but can't)

* mega love in the morning
* ignoring the fact she knows her name
* sleeping next to the surround sound system when it's on
* the dog's bed
* my bed
* not using her bed

* her mousy pull along toy

* being in the bathroom when I'm in the bath

* being more superior than the dog

* being taller than the dog
* to sniff, cannot resist

* jumping in my car boot
* sitting in boxes/handbags/plastic bags

* being cute
* snuggling next to the dog
* wrestling the dog

* jumping out from behind doors at unsuspecting dog

Snuggle factor: 4/5 - sooooo furry! Loves nothing more than a snuzzle, sometimes it's almost overwhelming. But only when she wants it.

Lulu dog

Age: 3


*lots of food
*being small enough to carry
*walkies - but not often, she's not one for exercise
* getting on the bed just because the cat does
* love
* being under her blankets
* a comfy bum cushion (sit on the floor - no way)

* washes from the cat

* wrestling with the cat

* snuggles with the cat

* snuggles, generally
* whiskas cat treats
* bouncing for food/love/to go outside/the sake of it
* having an attitude

* getting tickles in the street

* apple cores left in the park

* being a bit tubby
* being un trainable

* waiting by the chopping board for dropsies

* doing noisy yawns

* snoring loudly

Snuggle factor: 4/5 also - always wants love, alllll the time, can sometimes be a bit stinky too.

They have a beautiful love/hate - but mostly love relationship.

I'm thinking of doing a doggy recipe pretty soon, it would have to be dog, as the cat's pretty picky. So what do you think I should make? Cupcakes or iced biccys are probably top of my list at the minute.

I'll leave you with a few cute pics I saw on Cute Overload today.

I couldn't resist these guys either, so cute. I actually laughed for ages at this. Wish I had a dog's hair I could sculpt!

And this handsome fellow, just because I couldn't resist. The serious look on his face just kills me. Phew.

And this one, why not. I love kittens little round tummies. I need more cats & dogs. Almost a cat & dog army... that would be amazing.